The Need for an Integrated Approach to Measuring Communication Effects
(5,000 words) – by Jim Macnamara Download

Despite several decades of discussion concerning integrated communication campaigns, each sector of public communication has operated largely independently, developed its own metrics, and paid little attention to inter-textuality – i.e. the multiple sites of exposure to mediated messages on various subjects. This provocative paper, presented to the 2007 Summit on Measurement in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, argues that this fragmented silo approach to measurement has failed to take account of “interdiscursive processes in audience reception” (Curran, 2002, p. 119) and led to duplication of measurement activities, lack of learning from other sectors and, most importantly, anomalous conclusions about the complex DNA of audience impact and effects. It concludes that an integrated approach to measurement, while practically challenging to achieve, is essential to accurately identify what drives awareness, perceptions, attitudes and behaviour.


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E-Electioneering: Use of New Media in the 2007 Australian Federal Election research study released.
• Jim Macnamara presents refereed paper at the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA) 2008 conference, Wellington New Zealand