Jim Macnamara

The world is flat.
Thirty centimetres wide.
A high tech world of LCD
built on a foundation of sand
in a permanent neon night.
I navigate by virtual pointing
across an expanse of C,
following myriad digital trails
in F3 search of Exabyte.
Now is a nanosecond; history is ROM.

Time is bent.
I talk today to people
already in tomorrow and still
in yesterday. Meet without seeing.
And see things that don’t exist at all.
I meet New World ‘exhabitants’ –
Faceless beings with strange names.
No race. No sex. No class ID,
peering through Windows in a cyber wall.
Horizons implode. I am

This poem was Commended in the 2003 Bauhinia Literary Awards Open Poetry Competition conducted by Central Queensland University.

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E-Electioneering: Use of New Media in the 2007 Australian Federal Election research study released.
• Jim Macnamara presents refereed paper at the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA) 2008 conference, Wellington New Zealand