21st Century Sonnet to Time

Jim Macnamara

Don’t talk to me of time.
Time doesn’t exist. Only structure.
Things change form. They grow. Decay.
Egg to embryo to child to man or woman,
|to old age to dust and DNA. No death. Nay.
Only changes of form. Periodically observed
we seek to describe the progress of change,
the open-ended, random morph of evolution.
Time is language, constructed to describe
how all things grow from carbon and return.
From cosmic dust, to black holes, to stars,
to exploding fragments forming worlds.
Timeless. Never-ending. But changing.
Reforming. Restructuring. Returning.


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• Jim Macnamara presents refereed paper at the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA) 2008 conference, Wellington New Zealand