10,000 Ks
A short film by Gail joy Kenning & Jim Macnamara Coming Soon

This project involved driving 10,000 kilometres across Australia and back in 30 days in one contiguous road journey and recording 10 seconds of video every 100 kilometres looking directly ahead.

The film was shot on a personal video recorder with no post-production editing other than removal of defects caused by dust jams and misrecords, the aim being to capture random authentic images of the changing landscape and time elapse during an epic road journey, unenhanced by digital techniques and uncontrived with scheduled filming at tourist destinations and ‘photo ops’. The rhythmic ‘grabs’ at arbitrary intervals contrast with postcards, yet reveal an hypnotic quality in the monotony and hum-drum of traversing vast distance and varied terrains.

The film records a journey from Sydney across Australia to the north-west coast and back on highways and crossing parts of the unique landscapes of the Simpson and Tanami Deserts and passing Uluru which ended up totalling 11,874 kilometres.

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